Where areas do you cover?
We are based in Wiltshire but can bring the simulator to most places within the UK.  But, this would depend on the nature and duration of the event.  Trade shows lasting several days would enable us to travel to and from the event hence any UK location could be possible. We will always do our best to help so please contact us to discuss.

How much space does the simulator require?
We have two different types of enclosures.  We have a steel-framed structure which is 3m high, 4m wide and 4m deep.  So, you need to have an area that can accommodate the enclosure.  Everything takes place inside the enclosure but only one player can enter the enclosure at a time – others will need to remain a safe distance behind the player.  We also have an inflatable enclosure which is slightly smaller.  It is 3m high, 3.6m wide and 3.6m deep.  The player would stand at the front of the enclosure so additional space needs to be allocated to ensure the safety of all other guests.  If you want to discuss your venue, to check that the simulator would be suitable, please contact us to discuss your event.  We will be happy to advise.

What is the cost to hire?
This all depends on a number of factors so each booking will receive a personalised quote.  Factors such as location, time of hire, access will all affect the price.  We will offer discounts for bookings either close to SN15 or of longer duration (ie 2 or more days). Please contact us to discuss your event so we can provide a quote.

What do front9events provide?
Well, basically everything you could need – almost! We will provide a purpose built enclosure which will be constructed or inflated on site.  This will contain all the required equipment such as the golf mat, projector and screen, SkyTrak launch monitor, high spec gaming laptop, Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf software, golf clubs and balls.  We can personalise items for you such as balls, golf bag and even the sides of the enclosure to promote your company / event.  All the venue will need to provide is electricity. We also require internet connection but have mobile wi-fi should the venue not be able to provide local internet.

How long will it take to build?
Once all the equipment is within the venue, about one hour for the steel-framed enclosure and about 30 minutes for the inflatable.  The technological equipment takes a matter of minutes to set up.  So, we can always erect the enclosure well before the event starts then return with the rest of the equipment when needed.

Can all visitors participate?
Absolutely!  This is the beauty of a simulator – we can change the “game” to suit the client and / or individual participant.  It could be a 50 yard nearest the pin challenge for golfing novices right up to a long drive competition for the more experienced who want to show off!  Or, we can just load a beautiful hole for your visitors to enjoy.   Many trade shows gather sponsors for different activities.  So, for example there could be a two hour slot dedicated to “Nearest the pin on the Postage Stamp sponsored by…” followed by “The …. long drive blast”.  You tell is what would enhance your event, and we will gladly provide the golfing experience.

Contact us to discuss how we can help to bring lots of extra visitors to your stand