DarrenMy name is Darren Cass and I am the owner of Front9events Golf Simulator Hire.  I have been interested in golf since I was 10 years old and reached a handicap of eight when I was 14.  I started playing golf at Broome Manor Golf Course in Swindon.  The course had a great junior programme and one of my fellow junior members was current European Tour player, David Howell.  

I was keen on most sports and played football to a high level and even spent time in the USA as a coach.  I became a school teacher in 1996 and have taught in many Wiltshire schools and Colleges as well as a stint in New Zealand.

 I started front9events to bring golf to everyone.  My wife and children all play but it is not easy for everyone to access the game, especially in the UK where the weather can limit opportunities to play.  front9events provides the latest technology to ensure a fun, safe and challenging experience for all participants

 My background in education and coaching means that I can provide a supportive and engaging experience to all those who pick up a club.  It doesn’t matter if it is a 5 year old who wants to swing a club for the first time, or a skilled player who wants to test their game.

So, you can be confident that your guests / clients / friend or family will be well looked after – hopefully many of them will develop a real passion for the game!
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